Earlier this year I had an opportunity to present workshops on effective use of the feedback from VoceVista with our affordable EGG to three groups of users in different parts of the world: Santiago, Chile; Trossingen, Germany; and Mexico City. In each case I had three days to get a relatively small group past the initial problems that come with any application of an unfamiliar device or software. While two groups were primarily singers and singing teachers, I was surprised to discover that logopedists were the majority in the third group.

In a one-day presentation of VoceVista, the most that one can hope for is that some individuals in the audience are inspired to further explore the system. It is a challenge to do this without help, and the result is often that much of the insight that can be gained from the signals is never learned. VoceVista, and especially the EGG, are used only partially, or often neglected altogether. Experience has taught that effective users of the system are nearly always those who have explored the signals of their own voices over a period of time.

Applying this lesson to the recent workshops, we took advantage of having three days and a limited number of participants, giving them an opportunity to try the system on their own voices, as well as on one another’s. I admit to being surprised at the enthusiastic response to this approach. The result, however, was that the logopedists (and I hope the singing teachers as well) went away with a readiness to look at what was actually happening in a therapy session/ singing lesson, rather than simply adding VoceVista to the interesting things they know about voice.

My policy has been to offer these workshops to institutions that have purchased a site license for VoceVista-Pro and one or more of our EGGs, providing that they pay my expenses. There is no further honorarium. Let me know if you are interested in arranging such a workshop.

Lessons from recent workshops

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