In the rapidly changing world of popular software, VoceVista seems to be maintaining its place as the software of choice for feedback on the singing voice. We are not content to rest with that, however. After a long period of preparation, a major step forward is ready to be presented to the public: on May 2nd of this year VoceVista-Video will make its public debut at the national meeting of the German Singing Teachers (Bund Deutscher Gesanglehrer) in Dresden. In addition to the two signals — microphone and EGG — that can be accessed at any point in the spectrogram, VVV will be able to record a video signal from an (external) camera that will be synchronous with the the mic and EGG signals. The video signal can be used non-invasively to observe the singer’s face, head-neck angle, etc. In principle it might also come from a laryngoscope or other visualizing device. The software will be available at a premium, with an advantageous price for those with a license for VoceVista-Pro.

The programmer of VV-Video is Bodo Maass, already well known for his excellent Overtone Analyzer software (see, and a worthy successor to Richard Horne, the programmer of the current system, VoceVista-Pro.

VoceVista-Video ready for presentation

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